To become the pioneer high tech organization, we cooperate with Shougang Group and General Research Institute for Nonferrous Metals (GRINM), the best research and manufacture institute in China into our production and research projects. With over 30 years’ development, we now have outstanding strength on supplying super alloys and solutions around the globe.

The manufacturing processing includes vacuum melting, moderate frequency smelting, electroslag refining, forging, hot processing, machining, heat and deep treatment.

The apparatus includes 1T and 500 kg vacuum furnaces, 2T and 750kg moderate frequency induction furnaces, electroslag refining kilns, four sets of modern heating furnaces, etc. We are able to fabricate most super metals and alloys in wide range of product forms.

The following truths make us outstanding in China Suppliers:

1: Wire: The thinnest wire we can draw is 0.03mm (0.001’);

2: Sheet: The continuous nickel coil sheet’s unit weight can reach 400KG/Coil

3: Resistance Heating Alloy: Our best FeCrAl alloy is even better than Kanthal A-1, very close to Kanthal APM.

4: Rod/Bar: We are able to produce Hastelloy Hex Bar with advanced drawing tech, which can reduce the material waste and production cost.

5: Wire Mesh: We are able to weave the finest mesh with the hardest metal: Tungsten.

At production unit, we also possess testing devices to conduct physical and chemical analysis including spectral tests, metallographic tests, ultrasonic testing, toughness, impact, bend and tensile strength testing at room as well as elevated temperatures.

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