Delivery time

Question1: Are you keeping the materials in stock?

We keep the regularly ordered products in stock. The delivery time of stocked materials is less than 7 days. The regularly stocked materials are:

1: Nichrome wire and Strip

2: Nickel Wire, Strip and Sheet

3: FeCrAl Resistance Wire and Strip

4: Kanthal Replacing Wire

5: Nickel Wire Mesh


Question 2: What is the delivery time if the material I want is not stocked?

1: Wire: The regularly ordered alloy wires can be ready for delivery within 10 days after receiving down-payment. The not regularly ordered materials normally can be ready for delivery within 12-20 days (Also depends on the quantity and other factors).

2: Strip, Sheet, Rod/Bar and Wire Mesh: These product forms have more manufacture procedures, so the delivery time is around 20-30 days normally.

3: Pipe: Pipe product’s delivery time is around 30-40 days normally. But the delivery time also depends on ordering quantity and specification requirements.

4: Flanges: Flange product’s delivery time can be greatly effected by ordering quantity, raw material’s stock status, and flange specifications. So the delivery time is not settled.


If customer demand shorter delivery time or urgent delivery, please feel free to inform us. We can manufacture the product as urgent order.

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