Heanjia Super Metals is leading supplier of high performance alloy strips and tapes. Strips and tapes are one of our best selling products. For example: our Nickel strip is widely used for producing cell battery connectors. Our Nilo 42/ Invar 42 strip is widely used  as glass sealing strip.

Our strip and tape product can reach 450mm width while  single length weight can reach 200KG. We produce them exactly meeting customer’s customer’s requirements.

Strip and tape product available sizes: Thickness: 0.05mm to 3.0mm, Width: 1.5mm to 450mm


Strip and tape product available materials:

Pure Metals Inconel Alloys Hastelloy Alloys Monel Alloys Stainless Steels
Nickel 200/201 Inconel 600 Hastelloy B-2 Monel 400 Duplex Stainless Steel 2205
Titanium Inconel 601 Hastelloy B-3 Monel K500 Duplex Stainless Steel 2507
Silver Inconel 625 Hastelloy C-4 Copper Nickel Cu90Ni10 904L Stainless Steel
  Inconel 617 Hastelloy C-22 Copper Nickel Cu70Ni30 330 Stainless Steel
  Inconel 718 Hastelloy C-276   310 stainless Steel
  Incone X750 Hastelloy C-2000   316L Stainless Steel
    Hastelloy X    
Resistance Heating Incoloy Alloys Low-expansion Alloys Soft Magnetic Alloys  
Nichrome 80 Incoloy 800 Nilo 52/ Invar 52 Soft Magnetic 30  
Nichrome 60 Incoloy 800H Nilo 48 / Invar 48 Soft Magnetic 36  
Kanthal Incoloy 825 Nilo 42 / Invar 42 Soft Magnetic 48  
FeCrAl 0Cr25Al5 Incoloy A286 Nilo 36 / Invar 36 Soft Magnetic 53  
FeCrAl 0Cr23Al5     Soft Magnetic 78  
FeCrAl 0Cr21Al4     Permalloy  
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