Hastelloy X

  1. Hastelloy X offers high service temperature up to 2200oF
  2. Super high temperature strength & oxidation resistance
  3. Great resistance to chloride SCC, carburization and oxidation.
  4. Speciality steel for industrial gas turbine engine parts

About Hastelloy X

Hastelloy X is a NiCrFeMo super alloy specialty steel that has good high temperature strength and corrosion resistance properties. It is a strong and oxidation resistant material up to 1200oC. Besides of offering excellent oxidation resistance, it also prevents localized corrosion in petrochemical materials as a result of formation of highly adherent protective oxide layer.

Solid solution Hastelloy X has fine fabrication properties and outstanding heat resistance. It significantly prevents carburization and nitridation that usually causes premature damage in the high temperature metals. Alloy X has excellent forming and welding properties.

Industrial Nomenclatures: Alloy X, Inconel® HX, Hastelloy X®, Nickelvac® HX, Microfer® 4722, Altemp® HX, UNS N06002

Hastelloy X Specifications

Wire Rod Pipe Fittings Sheet Strip
ASME SB-572, AMS 5754, AMS 5798 ASME SB-572, AMS 5754, AMS 5798 ASME SB-622, AMSE SB 829, ASME SB-619, ASME SB-775, ASME SB-626, ASME SB-751, ASME SB-62, AMS 5587 ASME SB-366 ASME SB-435, AMS 5536  ASME SB-435, AMS 5536 

Hastelloy X Applications

Industrial Gas turbines, petrochemical processing, heat processing apparatus, nuclear power plants, aircrafts, turbine exhaust parts, spray bars, afterburners, chemical processing units for muffles, catalyst support systems, furnace baffles and tubes for pyrolysis operations, ideal for furnace applications due to its great resistance to oxidizing and reducing conditions. Furnace trays utilized to maintain heavy loads can be subjected into service conditions about 2300oF. Suitable for use in jet engine tailpipes, afterburner parts, turbine blades, nozzles vanes, cabin heaters and various aircraft engine components.

Hastelloy X Production 

Alloy HX shows outstanding formation and welding features. Easily forged and cold processed due to good ductility. Welding is possible to perform following any manual or automatic welding procedures. Resistance welding is also feasible.

Forms Produced

Hastelloy X Alloy Wire Hastelloy X Alloy Wire Mesh
Hastelloy X Alloy Strip Hastelloy X Alloy Sheet/Plate
Hastelloy X Alloy Rod/Bar Hastelloy X Alloy Pipe/Tube
Hastelloy X Alloy Flanges Hastelloy X Alloy Foil


Heanjia Super Metals, America offers all above forms of Hastelloy X in all standard as well as custom specifications.

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