Nichrome 80

  1. Nichrome 80 is a proven electrical resistance heating material
  2. Produces adherent chromium oxide layer to prevent oxidation
  3. Highly durable and corrosion resistant
  4. Ideal for use in frequent temperature switching applications

About Nichrome 80

Nichrome 80 (Nickel 80%, Chromium 20%) resistance alloy is an ideal electrical heating material that can be used up to 2150℉ or 1250℃. It has suitable hot strength and extremely high electrical resistance. Nichrome 80 alloy forms a strong chromium oxide layer upon heating that provides outstanding oxidation resistance at elevated temperatures. It has high melting temperature about 1350oC. 

We offer Nichrome 80 at a wide specification range. The product applications include ignition coil, heating coil, low temperature heating in the electronic equipment, etc.

Industrial Nomenclatures: W.NR 2.486, nichrome resistance alloy, chromel A, Nichrome V, UNS N06003

Nichrome 80 Specification: ASTM-B-344, ASTM B267

Nichrome 80 Products Produced:

Nichrome 80 Wire Nichrome 80 Wire mesh Nichrome 80 Heating Coil Nichrome 80 Rod Nichrome 80 Strip/ Foil

Nichrome 80 Applications:

Electrical appliances, irons, water heaters, soldering apparatus, metal sheath tubular elements, cartridges, plastic moulds, aerospace industry, medical diagnostics and precision heating processes

Nichrome resistance wire is exclusively made to produce heat. It prevents the flow of current and transforms electric energy into heat energy. It is used in ovens, heaters, resistors, toasters and other industrial heating applications. So nichrome 80 is an indispensable part of the heating operations.

Nichrome 80 Wire Specification and current vs temperature

Wire AWG Wire Dia. Ohms / Foot Current at 400°F Current at 600°F Current at 800°F Current at 1000°F Current at 1200°F Current at 1400°F Current at 1600°F
30 0.010 6.50 0.875 A 1.16 A 1.43 A 1.74 A 2.06 A 2.43 A 2.81 A
32 0.008 10.55 0.650 A 0.860 A 1.08 A 1.32 A 1.56 A 1.82 A 2.09 A
34 0.0063 16.66 0.493 A 0.658 A 0.820 A 0.978 A 1.16 A 1.34 A 1.54 A
36 0.005 25.12 0.382 A 0.506 A 0.623 A 0.732 A 0.872 A 0.998 A 1.13 A
40 0.0031 66.29 0.230 A 0.300 A 0.360 A 0.410 A 0.491 A 0.550 A 0.610 A
48 0.00124 454.0 n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a

Nichrome 80 is getting back its worth in the heating alloy market as it retains heat longer than Kanthal 

Heanjia Super Metals offers all above forms of Nichrome 80 in all standard as well as custom specifications including some more industrial products like Hastelloy C276 – a standard industrial material.

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