1. Titanium offers excellent corrosion resistance
  2. Lightweight and high strength
  3. Good strength to weight ratio
  4. Prevents attack in marine water

About Titanium

Titanium is a strong and lightweight metal that is why it is commonly used as an alloying agent with several other metals such as aluminium (Al), molybdenum (Mo) and iron (Fe). These alloys are widely employed in aircraft, spacejet and air weapons because of their low density and potential to function at the high temperatures. Titnaium is also utilized in golf clubs, bicycles etc.

The corrosion resistance of Titanium in salt water is excellent. It has strength similar to steel but 45% lighter weight than steel.

Titanium alloys are featured by extremely high tensile strength at the elevated temperatures. These are lightweight, offer great corrosion resistance and can perform up to the very high temperature limits.

Titanium Appearance

A tough, bright and firm metal.

Titanium Applications

Power unit condenser pipes, desalination plants, submarines, bone joints, joint replacements, tooth implants, skull fractures, solar observatories, armour plating, naval ships.   Due to its excellent properties, titanium uses in automotive engineering are endless. 

Forms Produced

Titanium Wire Titanium Sheet Titanium Foil Titanium Mesh Titanium Pipe Titanium Rod Titanium Flanges

Heanjia Super-Metals Co., ltd produces all above forms of Titanium in all standard and custom specifications.

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