Copper-Nickel Alloy 70/30

  1. Copper-Nickel Alloy 70/30  is highly resistant to biofouling, tarnish and oxidation attack
  2. Greatest resistance to erosion & corrosion in marine water
  3. Good mechanical properties even below to cryogenic points
  4. Easy forming and welding

About Copper-Nickel Alloy 70/30

Copper-Nickel alloy 70/30 (Cu 70%, Ni 30%) offers outstanding resistance to corrosion by seawater, brine solutions, organic materials, salts and non-oxidizing acids. It gives the greatest resistance to aqueous corrosion, stress corrosion cracking and impingement attack. It can be used in producing ASME code pressure vessels for service up to 350oC.

70-30 Cu Ni alloy is a high strength and ductile material. It is used in applications that include elevated temperatures and high pressures with large paces and turbulence. It gives exceptional resistance to general and impingement corrosion by tidy sea water. It is also resistant to alkaline chlorides, chromates, nitrates and sulfates, wet and arid halides such as chlorine (Cl) and bromine (Br).  It resists attack by phosphoric, sulfuric and mild organic acids. Alloy 70/30 is not suggested for use in chromic, hydrobromic, hydrochloric and nitric acids, cyanides and acid dichromates.

Industrial Nomenclatures: HCNF301, HC 4.6, HC 7.3, HC 7.4, Cu Ni 30 Mn1 Fe, NCh 250, A51 – 102, C71520, UNS C71500, C71520

Copper-Nickel alloy 70/30 Specifications: ASME SB111, SB171, SB359, SB395, SB466, SB467, SB543, ASTM B111, B122, B151, B171, B359, B395, , B 402, B432, B 466, B467, B543, B552, B608, F467, F468, DIN 2.0882, MIL C-15726, T-15005, T-16420, T-22214, SAE J461, J463, ASTM 715, DIN 17664, 17670, 1762, 1785, 17671

Copper-Nickel alloy 70/30 Applications

Salt solution pipes and fixtures, warm water containers, baffles, propeller shafts, valves and pumps, boat hulls, fishing boats, ship hardware, heat exchanger and cooling units, evaporator vessels, brake lines, pressure tubes, distiller pipes.

70-30 Cupronickel Alloy Forms Produced

70-30 Cu Ni Alloy Wire 70-30 Cu Ni Alloy Wire Mesh
70-30 Cu Ni Alloy Strip 70-30 Cu Ni Alloy Sheet/Plate
70-30 Cu Ni Alloy Rod/Bar 70-30 Cu Ni Alloy Pipe
70-30 Cu Ni Alloy Flanges  70-30 Cu-Ni Alloy Foil

Heanjia Super Metals, America offers all above forms of 70-30 Cu Ni Alloy in all standard as well as custom specifications.

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