Nilo 42 Invar 42

  1. Nilo 42 retains constant configuration
  2. Low to high temperature firmness
  3. Stable CTE
  4. Excellent material for gauging equipments

About Nilo 42 Invar 42

A low expansion Nickel-Iron alloy Invar 42 (Ni 42%) is suitable for use in semiconductor devices. It has small and almost stable coefficient of thermal expansion from cryogenic to high temperature limits up to 300oC or 570oF. It keeps high strength and hardness even at the extremely low temperatures.

Invar 42 is introduced in the different forms and sizes. The methods that are used for hot and cold forging and machining of austenitic stainless steels can also be used for processing of this metal.

Industrial Nomenclatures: Nickel alloy 42, Invar 42, Nilo 42, Pernifer 42, Werkstoff Nr. 1.3917, UNS K94100

Nilo 42 Specifications:

Wire Sheet Strip
ASTM F29, ASTM F 30 SEW 385, ASTM F 30 B753, ASTM F 30

Nilo 42 Applications

Bimetallic thermostats, electrical transformers, Precision condenser apparatus like blades, Electronic covering, HVT lines, deflection clips, electron gun parts, metrological systems, clocks, radars, magnetic guard, LNG tanker containers, radio valves, electronic bulb glass housing, glass to metal sealing, fluorescent lights and tools for aeronautic composites

Forms Produced

Nilo 42 Wire Nilo 42 Strip/Foil Nilo 42 Sheet Nilo 42 Wire Mesh Nilo 42 Foil

Heanjia Super-Metals Seattle, USA offers its customers a full range of 42 alloy product forms in various specifications. Our engineers are highly skilled and expert in cutting, slitting and shearing or centerless grinding alloys to suit your requirements.

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