Nilo 52 Invar 52

  1. Nilo 52 is an excellent low expansion alloy
  2. Fine material for glass to metal sealing
  3. Good strength and hardness at the cryogenic temperatures
  4. Stable coefficient of thermal expansion

About Nilo 52 Invar 52

Nickel-Iron Alloy Nilo 52 or Invar 52 (Ni 51%) is a controlled expansion alloy. It has low or almost static coefficient of thermal expansion from ambient temperatures to 565oC or 1050oF. It also retains good strength and hardness even at the cryogenic temperatures. It is commonly used in electronic applications and glass to ceramic sealing.

Nilo 52 is usually not cold processed due to risk of CTE damage. It can be annealed from 850oC to 1000oC or 1560oF to 1830oF. Low dispersion.

Industrial Nomenclatures: Invar 52, Nickel alloy 52, Ni-Fe Alloy 52, Pernifer 50, W. NR 2.4478, HyRa49, HCR SR, 50Ni-Fe, Rectimmphy, FeNi5, AWS 093, UNS N14052

Nilo 52 Specifications:

Wire Sheet Strip

 Nilo 52 Applications

Temperature regulating devices, clock balance wheels, pendulum clocks, precision condenser blades, radar and microwave cavity resonators, special electronic shielding, sealing, spacers, high voltage transmission lines, CRT uses, shadow masks, deflection clips and electron gun modules.

Forms Produced

Nilo 52 Wire Nilo 52 Strip Nilo 52 Sheet Nilo 52 Wire Mesh Nilo 52 Foil

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