FeCrAl (Cr21Al4)

  1. FeCrAl Cr21Al4 offers excellent resistance to oxidation and carburization
  2. Lower density and more cost-effective than Nichrome
  3. Resistance heating element for metal processing furnaces
  4. Longer service life

About FeCrAl (Cr21Al4)

Iron-Chromium-Aluminum alloy FeCrAl (Cr21Al4) electric resistance heating element material has small temperature coefficient of resistivity and high operation temperature. It offers good stability at the elevated temperatures, particularly in air containing sulphur and sulphide. It offers maximum high operation temperature up to 1300C. Great oxidation and scaling resistance. High mechanical strength and good tolerability to stress and pressure levels at the elevated temperatures. 

FeCrAl resistance heating alloy produces an adherent aluminum oxide layer also known as alumina. It resists the flow of current but offers good thermal conductivity. Hence it allows better flow of heat and prevents it to remain around the heating element to provide longer service life.  

FeCrAl (Cr21Al4) electric resistance heating element Applications

Resistors, heavy relay switches, electric furnaces, warm plates, mica elements in irons, quartz tube heaters, heating coils in industrial furnaces, hair dryers, toaster ovens, infrared dryers, glass top heaters, tubular elements for dishwaters, suspended coils, shielding material in ceramic glass top heaters and kilns

FeCrAl (Cr21Al4) resistance heating element Chemical Composition and Properties

Iron Rem %
Chromium 19 to 21 %
Carbon 0.10 %
Aluminum 4 to 5 %
Specific resistance at 20oC micro-ohm-cm 135
Coefficient of resistance x 10(-4) ohms/ohm/oC at 20oC to 1100oC 1
Linear coefficient of expansion 15 x 10 (-6) for temperature from 20oC to 1000oC
Highest service temperature 1200oC


Forms Produced

FeCrAl Wire FeCrAl Wire Mesh FeCrAl Heat Coil FeCrAl Sintered Felt FeCrAl Strip/Foil FeCrAl Rod/Bar


Heanjia Super Metals, America offers all above forms of FeCrAl Electric Resistance Heating alloy in all standard as well as custom specifications.

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