FeCrAl (0Cr25Al5)

  1. FeCrAl Cr25Al5 has longer life and lighter weight than Nichrome
  2. High electric resistvity
  3. High maximum service temperature
  4. Best resistance to oxidation and corrosion in sulphur conditions

About FeCrAl (0Cr25Al5)

Iron-Chrome-Aluminum FeCrAl 0Cr25Al5 resistance heating alloy has high maximum service temperature in air up to 1250oC. Longer life permits large surface stress to be applied on the alloy. Lighter weight makes it a more economical resistance heating material than Nichrome. The electric resistivty remains almost constant with varying temperatures. Good yield strength and aging resistance. Outstanding form stability. Greater heat resistance than austenitic stainless steels therefore it is commonly used in the heating applications.

FeCrAl 0Cr25Al5 resistance heating alloy Applications

Infrared heaters, heating plates, irons, ceramic heaters & pots, fan heaters, quartz tube heaters, toasters, ovens, storage heaters, bead insulated coils, open coil components, hot air guns, convection heaters, radiators, industrial furnaces for heat processing, metal sheath tubular elements, suspended coil elements for air heaters

Heanjia Super-Metals manufactures resistance heating elements for the wide range of applications varying from industrial furnaces to domestic appliances.

Industrial Nomenclatures: UNS K92500, 1.4765

FeCrAl 0Cr25Al5 resistance heating alloy Chemical composition and characteristics

Chromium (Cr) 23 to 26 %
Aluminum (Al) 4.5 to 6.5 %
Iron (Fe) Rem %
Maximum operation temperature 1250 oC
Electric resistivity 1.42 micro-ohm. Meter at 20 oC
Density 7.10 gram per cm3
Thermal conductivity 46.1 KJ/m.h.°C
Linear coefficient of thermal expansion 16 x 10-6 per oC
Melting Point 1500 oC
Tensile Strength 630 to 780 Mpa
Elongation Above 12 %
Reduction in area 60 to 75 %
Hardness 200 to 260 HB


Forms Produced

FeCrAl Wire FeCrAl Wire Mesh FeCrAl Heat Coil FeCrAl Sintered Felt FeCrAl Strip/Foil FeCrAl Rod/Bar


Heanjia Super Metals, America offers all above forms of FeCrAl Electric Resistance Heating alloy in all standard as well as custom specifications.

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