Nichrome 60

  1. Nichrome 60 attains good resistance to corrosion and oxidation
  2. Higher coefficient of electric resistance than Nichrome 80
  3. Longer service life
  4. Great resistance heating material

About Nichrome 60

Nickel-Chromium alloy Nichrome 60 (Ni 60%, Cr 15%) is a non-magnetic material with high corrosion and oxidation resistance however its corrosion resistance potential is lesser than Kanthal. Fine resistance to aqueous corrosion as it significantly prevents deformation when kept in contact of liquid solutions, and provides longer service life. It has the highest service temperature up to 1150oC or 2100oF.

Nichrome 60 is an excellent electric resistance heating material for insulation and other equipments. At the elevated temperatures, it prevents embrittlement to provide longer than expected life. Fine plasticity upon cold processing, easy weldability and it can be shaped to meet the application needs.

Industrial Specification: Nichrome C, ASTM B344,UNS N06004

Nichrome 60 Applications

Industrial furnaces, metals melting, hair dryers, ceramic supports in incinerators

Nichrome 60 Forms Produced

Nichrome 60 Wire Nichrome 60 Wire mesh Nichrome 60 Heating Coil Nichrome 60 Rod Nichrome 60 Strip Nichrome 60 Foil


Heanjia Super Metals, America offers all above forms of Nichrome 60 in all standard as well as custom specifications.

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